HEIN – Ringtech HRT Tunnel Oven

Description: This new oven tunnel with several decks and a baking surface of up to 100 square meters, is basically a “large” annular tube oven (UNIVERSAL) with a masonry baking chamber in thermodynamic refractory stone (TSF) and transport chains with base plates in stone and/or metal.

Manufacturer: HEIN

Location: Luxembourg




  • Quality HEIN design and manufacture
  • 2 module oven with a burner for each module
  • High-performance steam generator built into the first module that is extracted after a pre-set period of time and/or at the end of the baking process.
  • Baking surface of up to 100 square meters
  • Decks loaded and unloaded by robots of identical design directly on a put down table or a conveyor belt towards the distribution
  • Manual loading or automated production line options
  • Continuously regulated fermentation unit
  • SPS regulation unit controlled via tactile screen