Formatic – Depositors & Fillers

Description: Formatic is a leading line of cookie machine equipment manufactured by Deighton. The R-Series of Formatic Cookie Machines, is a lineup that consists of wire release, food forming/portioning machines. This popular line of cookie machines is used to manufacture cookies, play-dough, dog cookies/biscuits, veggie patties, potato pancakes and more!

Manufacturer: Deighton, Formatic

Location: UK



  • Versatility – this cookie machine is also used to form meat, fish, potato, vegetable, butter, cheese, and other baking/confectionery products
  • Models capable of 1,200 and 2,200 revolutions per hour
  • Simple and smooth operation – This machine is easy to use and clean!
  • Automatic Wire Cleaning
  • Automatic Papering
  • Various size hoppers
  • Extended conveyors