• Mel Darbyshire, Master Baker at Grand Central Bakery

TMB Baking— World-Class Bakery Equipment, Smallwares, Consulting & Layout Services.




TMB Baking is one of the US largest, leading suppliers of commercial baking equipment, including deck ovens, rack ovens, rotating ovens, commercial dough mixers, proofers, proofer retarders, walk-ins, make-up lines, bread slicers, dough dividers, dough divider-rounders and every other type of equipment and smallwares for your commercial bakery.

We support bakers through bakery layout, equipment selection, and process consulting, as well as through technical support, spare parts that keeps your baking operations in business. Whether you are sifting through baking equipment for sale for a new bakery or looking to upgrade and change your current bakery layout, TMB Baking is here to assist you.