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This durable, high performance gas oven has double steam generators to insure abundant, constant steam production. The TAG's carefully designed furnace and flues, made of high quality refractory bricks, ensure perfect heat distribution. Because of the quality and quantity of the closed circuit steam tubes, high thermal efficiency and consistency are maximized.


Water supply: 1/2" cold water (65 to 100 psi).
Electrical: 220v/3 ph G+N/60 Hz/20 amp.
Gas: 4" to 7" W.C.
Gas Exhaust: 8" 0 double wall; 36" above roof with weather cap.
Steam Exhaust: 8" 0 S/S single wall.
Damper exhaust (optional): 8" 0 S/S single wall.
Floor sink needed.
Optional steam exhaust fan.
User friendly control panel.
Facade and panels constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel, maximizing durability
Baking chamber windows constructed of stainless steel and tempered glass
1" thick baking stones for longer lasting heat inertia and consistent heat distribution for the perfect baking of any type of bread.
Independent steam generators, positioned directly inside each baking chamber, and equipped with an individual adjustment switch, assure abundant and accurate steam production.
Double steam generators make it possible to perform special types of production in which considerable steam quantities are required.
The furnace is made of high quality refractory bricks, carefully designed to ensure perfect heat distribution.
Furnace is easily accessible at the front of the oven.
Pipes are high pressure "Mannesmann" process UNI 663/68 STANDARDS, STEEL FE 45,2, .35x5.5mm and are guaranteed by test certificate and tested one by one at the end of the internal production cycle.

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