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We found the best wood burning brick oven in Spain. Manufactured by Llopis, it is the cornerstone of the Artisan Bread Renaissance. Either wood or gas burning, it is a great attraction point in any bakery.

With a Llopis brick oven, your bread can have a moister crumb and a crust that is shinier, crisper and more golden brown in color.

The evocative aroma of a wood burning oven makes working in and visiting your bakery an unforgettable experience. But Llopis ovens are much more than a P.R. gimmick; they are great production ovens, highly appreciated in the bakery industry for their efficiency, reliability and unique baking capability.

Very affordable and easily manageable, Llopis ovens are available in different sizes which make them suitable for small to large bakeries. In addition to wood, they can also be used with UL Listed AGA burners.


Heat inertia provided by 60,000 lbs of material,
18" of insulation, 3" thick revolving round stone deck,
high ceiling baking chamber and half-moon
combustion chamber design make bread baked in a
Llopis, second to none.

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