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This small capacity, easy to use starter processor makes 140 lbs of starter every 8 hours. It rests on wheels and is very easy to move, making the FL80 an ideal choice for smaller production environments.


Electrical: 208-220 v/3 ph/60 Hz/10 amps W
Size: 29" W x 39" D x 61" H
Automatic operation
Double temperature control system
Stainless steel tank; coated steel frame
Double action stainless steel mixing blades mounted
on a stainless steel gear shaft
Main blade equipped with a scraper for tank
Level gage for product quantity left in tank
Clear lid and security grid
Easy to use liquid levain draining system
Four casters, two equipped with brakes

Advantages of liquid levain:

Allows shorter mixing time
Gives a better water absorption
Helps the dough development
Gives a greater tolerance for dough dividing,
stretching and shaping
Favors the scoring
Creates a dense, consistent crumb structure for
rustic bread

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